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Frequently Asked Questions


Hello there! 

Welcome to Danganronpa Online FAQ page, be sure to read this page before asking for mod help in the official discord!

Please use #dro-tech-support in the DRO Discord for any tech related issues! If you still have questions left or input on what to add here, feel free to share it with us!

1 - On what platforms is Danganronpa Online available?

Danganronpa online is available on Windows. There is no version of DRO for mobile.

1I - How do I join a roleplay?

In the Danganronpa Online Discord server, check #rp-announcements channel for new roleplays to be hosted. If not specified otherwise, dm the GM asking for availability alongside telling the character you plan to roleplay as (if it's a custom character, be sure to give them the custom character files as well!).

1II - How do I host a roleplay?

First, create a Google document containing all the needed information for players to know about your roleplay. Then, send the document to one of the DRO Moderators alongside the time you plan to host (EST), what area(s) you'd like to use and a duration planned for the roleplay to last. After getting approval from a moderator, you're free to post your document and announcement in #rp-announcments.

1V - I'm missing audios/characters/backgrounds, what now?

Be sure to check if everything was extracted and downloaded correctly. Also, check if you downloaded the correct file or update!

Many DRO users use custom content created by and for the community. Be sure that's not the case before asking for help.

V - What's IC and OOC?

IC means 'In Character' - it's where you type to send a message using your character.

OOC means 'Out Of Character' - A small place to type anything out of character, also used for commands. The following image showcases both IC and OOC in the client.

VI - How do I open/extract .ZIP or .RAR files?

We recommend using 7-Zip for extracting .rar and .zip files! 

VII - Client resizing lowers the quality of the characters, what do I do?

With the addition of resizing to the client, older characters will be of lower quality when resizing the client. Sadly, there is no solution to this, as the base characters are in a smaller size.

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